Welcome to the Official Web Site for the
Rancho Alumni Association

Alumni Opportunities:

We all have an opportunity to help the current Rancho students.  A Speakers Bureau is being created to pass on our worldly advice to the younger generation. These speakers (RHS Alumni) will make themselves available as the year goes on and as your skills and/or speaking topics match the various lesson plans.

Your topics and your availability of dates and times will be given to the department chairs to be selected to speak. If interested in helping Rancho and its students please fill out the following form which will be sent to the Rancho speakers Bureau or email Gregg Townsend at and give your contact information.

The more speakers we get the more impact we can have on Rancho and our next generation.  Show your Ram Pride and volunteer NOW!! 

Rancho Alumni Association

The rancho High School alumni Association is dedicated to maintaining a network of alumni and promoting Rancho High School and its students through scholarship, social and educational activities and community service.

The RHS Alumni Association hopes to establish and maintain programs to:

  • Adequately prepare RHS students for proficiency exams and college entrance exams by providing tutorials and other educational materials and assistance.
  • Raise money to assist RHS in obtaining needed supplies, equipment and other out-of-budget projects to help ensure the quality of education at RHS. 
  • Establish mentoring opportunities for RHS students with Alumni. 
  • Provide job-shadowing opportunities for RHS students with Alumni and others in the community. 
  • Get and keep current students and Alumni involved in their school and their community. 
  • Make scholarships available to deserving and needy graduating seniors. 
  • Maintain records of all Alumni for future events.
  • Produce a newsletter to keep Alumni informed of Alumni events, Alumni accomplishments and post-high school happenings.
  • Encourage RHS students to graduate and go on to college or a trade school.