Welcome All Rancho Grads

Click here to see a sample of the 50 Yr DVD

A DVD of the first 50 Years of Rancho High will be here soon, we still need your help though:

Because of a serious car accident the "50 Year DVD" has been delaied. The Alumni Association will assist in the sales and dispersing of the DVD. Possibilities of a gathering at Rancho for a 50 year party / Dinner is being though of. There is no information on this as of yet.

The " Old Ranch" is being torn down but you can add to the great memories that still linger in our minds. We all know that it is our friends that made for a fun time at Rancho so start sending in photos, scans and nominate your favorite teachers. Remember the riots, dances, homecoming, athletic events, your first love and the music. Rancho's history is also the history of North Town and Las Vegas so don't wait because the story is being edited as you read this. If you have any great stories tell them! You will be surprised how many Rams became famous. Don't delay so send the above mentioned to:

Creel Snider

If you have stories that you would like to pass along via e-mail, click here to send them to Creel (class of 60):


The DVD will sell for $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling and the proceeds will go to the Rancho Alumni Association to help Rancho students. Watch this web site for information about ordering:

Rancho High - The First Fifty Years.

Click here to see a sample of 50 yr DVD

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