Welcome All Rancho Grads

Hello Rancho Alumni, Students and Guests

I am hoping that you can help a very deserving Ram.  Justin Williams, a junior, has been battling cancer (osteosarcoma) for the last few years.  He is free of cancer but all of the procedures and surgeries left him with a damaged left leg. Last Tuesday, he underwent an amputation of his left leg from above the knee.  He is doing great and might be released from the hospital tomorrow.  He still has a month of physical therapy before he and his mother can return from Houston where the surgery was completed and it will be months before he can walk with a prosthetic.

A website has been created to raise funds for a great prosthetic leg.  He has had to use crutches for the last three years.   I would like to see the Rancho and Las Vegas communities help him in his dream of walking with out crutches again and I know that you have great contacts.

The website is:

If you want to read more about his story.

Andrea Connolly
Assistant Principal
School Empowerment Team Chair
Rancho High School

Jan 30 2013