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Sylvia Jimenez grad yr unknown

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Jesse Salas - New Head Coach for Wrestling
I am the Head Coach for wrestling at Rancho High School.
Jamarva "Chantel" Yates - new head track coach
I am one of the Head Track Coaches for the 2008-2009 Rancho Rams. We would like to start a traditional invitational track meet. I am asking for suggestions of a name for the meet and any other ideas you may have.
Thank you!!
Jamarva "Chantel" Yates - new head track coach

I'm one of the new head track coaches here at Rancho and we would like for the alumni to come and support our home meets. We have a meet on March 26th and April 15th. This year will be our 1st track meet in over 3 yrs! We want to do a dedication and maybe a 4x1 alumni relay. Please contact me as soon as possible for either meet. Thanks, Coach Yates

Amy Bass (Whiemarsh) Teacher - 1993

I taught at Rancho for 7 years, didn't attend high school there though.

I am looking to get in touch with Ken Stewart. I am an old friend of his parents and great grandma, and have lost contact with he and his family. If anyone knows how I can get into touch with him, please let me know. I know he was an active Rancho Alumni. thank you

James T. Williams - Vice Principal, 1954 thru 1958
Enjoyed as short trip down memory lane in my visit to Rancho today (05/13/06). You will find me on the faculty list in the "time capsule" opened today.
Dennis Ryan - I am a teacher at Rancho
I am a teacher at Rancho.  I teach in the Medical Academy. We have been fund raising for the last two years and are able to give three $500.00 scholarships.
I am looking for individuals or companies which would like to match our funding.
Students must have a minimum of the 3.0 grade point, show financial need and be accepted into a medical career program at a college or university.
Pleas contact me if you know of any individuals or companies who would like to partner with us and jointly award a scholarship.
Dennis Ryan
Wendy Humphries - Mother of the current years drum major in the Pride of the Rams marching band
!st Thank you for your time. I am the mother of the current years drum major in the Pride of the Rams marching band. Last year when we marched in Las Vegas 100 yrs. Birthday Parade we did not have a banner to let everyone know who we were. We resorted to yelling out to the crowd when asked who we were. You would think that after 51 years we would have a banner that announced who we were, but sadly ours has been stolen and never replaced. We are looking for donations from former alumni to help fund this need item. We will have their names put on the banner or any company they work for if they get the donation from outside themselves for our cause. Please let us know if you can or have any suggestions on who to contact for donations for the band. Thank you again for your time. Wendy Humphries Vice President Rancho Band Boosters.

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